#LIKEMYHOME our reference hashtag

Restructuring, busy schedules and daily work have contributed to the temporary suspension of the publication of new posts, but this should not make you doubt that we were not constantly thinking about our present and fiture guests…


We are at the gates of a summer season in 2015 that promises very interesting throughout Italy with the beginning of EXPO2015 in Milan. The main theme of the world exposition “FEEDING THE PLANET Energy for Life” will highlight the products, ideas and innovations that every nations in the world has to be made available in order to be able to guarantee a healthy food, safe and sufficient for all peoples. Certainly in Italy when we talk about quality of food it is impossible not to consider the Emilia Romagna and Bologna in particular, that for some time is the real owner of the hashtag #CityofFood.

In the wake of what is going to happen and waiting to welcome the many tourists from all over the world we of the Metropolitan Hotel thought of finding a hashtag reference, a label that characterizes us and tell about us immediately. After some deliberation we found it and on this contributed a couple of important factors.

1) Reading and analyzing the numerous reviews that our guests are constantly releasing on the web, and to which we attach great importance, both as regards the criticism than the compliments, we noticed that a feeling that contributes greatly to the personal satisfaction of those staying with us, is the perception to feel immediately at ease, in a familiar environment to help him feel at HOME


2) Overturning the perspective and then seeing the other side of the counter, that is on our side of  operators of hospitality, we noticed that this feeling of comfort and familiarity that we can pass on to our guests il the result of the fact that we consider our hotel as HOME, which we treat and constantly renew, customize it and try to make it as a dress that can be worn both by us and our guests

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Then how should happen the result of reflection has paved the way for the establishment of our reference hashtag :


There you will find with this hashtag on all social networks and we will be happy to share with you as much as possible in the same way we share HOME


Bologna_ The real City of Food

March 24 was officially unveiled in Via Manzoni at the Oratorio St. filippo Neri the project Bologna_City of Food. The initiative has a custom logo and a website dedicated www.cityoffood.it aims to coordinate all the initiatives on the food that will have as location Bologna.

cityoffoodThe marketing project is actually a “rib” of detached ExBo, an initiative promoted by the municipality to pave the way to Milan Expo 2015, and boasts the participation of the Municipality of Bologna, Caab, Bologna Welcome, Fondazione Alma Mater Foundation Golinelli Marino, Bologna Fiere and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bologna. If the main theme of the Milan Expo will be FEEDING THE PLANET, the main theme of City of Food will be to make it clear to all concerned that it will be impossible not to move from Bologna if you want to deepen your own culture in the ‘context of’ supply and and healthy food. Here’s the video presentation


To complete this, and it is appropriate to say, “binge” of initiatives was presented by Andrea Segre the starting date on the construction of Etaly World, the Disneyland of food that will open in 2015 in Bologna in the area of ​​the CAAB . This great project that involves the participation of many companies and people among which stands out the owner of Eataly, Oscar Farinetti occupy a vast area and give you a chance for anyone to visit and learn about everything that revolves around healthy eating all made ​​in Italy. Here is the link to the map in Pdf.


From Bologna we can only be proud of what is happening and Italian we  hope that it is only of the beginning of the exploitation of the strengths that our beautiful country for too long time remained hidden.

The Bologn of the parks 1° part

Assuming that in May is beautiful even Vladivostock, it must be said that in this season Bologna gives the best of itself.

The crisp air of the morning is mixed with the warmth of the middle of the day and, after a winter infinite as that to which we have witnessed this year, every ray of sunshine is an injection of energy and health. Walking through the streets of the historic center or joyning of ‘hospitality of the gazebo outside of the Bolognese restaurant offers to the  tourists as to the locals a chance to experience the city at the height of its possibilities.

During this period of ‘years to while away Bologna also has some beautiful public parks where you can relax, take walks, ride a bike or simply lie in the sun. In this post I will try to present the public parks of our city.


Bologna's hillsCremonini has made them fmous in all Italy as a circuit suitable for “Vespa special” and brought in a song so egregious a feeling that every Bolognese has in his heart. The close proximity to the city center but also its rustic character made ​​it the ideal place to escape  from the “problems”. Exploited since ancient times by younger citizens when truant, give wonderful corners of peace and tranquility as well as challenging paths to be exploited by mountain bike. They are beautiful during the weekend, when they are occupied by large groups of people but maybe during the week when the influx of people is less, give moments of serenity and peace even more precious. They are the ideal place in which to enjoy a beautiful sunset or reading a good book lying on a blanket.


Villa Ghigi's park

Just above Porta San Mamolo is easily reachable on foot from the center. It offers a beautiful trail for walking and numerous sunny meadows on which to lie down peacefully. The trees offer shady oasis in which to stop and for the sport was set up a fitness trail with several stations located throughout the park.

On either side of the path were planted many fruit trees and large tree species native and exotic (including oak, hornbeam blacks, a centuries-old Himalayan cedar and a beautiful yew), in addition to a beech wood which is well naturalized instead of unusual altitudine

It owes its name to the Chigi family in 1972 he donated the property to the municipality of Bologna.


Cavaioni Park

Is the “beach” for many Bolognese. And maybe Hills Park farther away from the city but not the least frequented.

For many summers in the evening, hosted entertainment events while during the day it is occupied for the most part by lovers of  tan. Until recently it was also possible to rent sun beds and umbrellas. It ‘a kind of plateau located on the hilltops, one of the few flat meadows that I can find and this is often transformed into a football field or frisbee stadium.

Virtually inside  the park there is a riding school from which it is possible to go horseback riding, and in recent years, following the restoration of the villa was set up a restaurant.

Bologna in the middle of summer…

A Bologna d’estate c’è una gran pace , c’è meno traffico ed il caldo probabilmente impone a chiunque di muoversi con più calma e serenità .

Si lavora meglio e una volta fuori dagli orari standard di lavoro c’è la possibilità di godersi le numerose attività collaterali che quest’estate non mancano davvero .

Per quello che riguarda i concerti e le manifestazioni, un gran bel lavoro secondo noi è stato fatto da “bè”, ovvero Bologna estate che ha raccolto e riordinato numerossime iniziative , valorizzando spesso angoli della città che gli stessi bolognesi non sempre frequentano .

Se siete degli sportivi e la vostra passione è la bicicletta , potete sfogarvi approfittando della pedonalizzazione ormai diventata  un classico durante il week end . I T-days , che anche se al centro di numerose polemiche, stanno trovando un loro equilibrio tra sostenibilità e logistica dei trasporti, e offrono sicuramente un centro  cittadittadino rilassato e sicuro per ogni tipo di ciclista, dal bambino che sta imparando o al cicloviaggiatore  professionista .

Se invece siete assetati di cultura o perchè no, cercate refrigerio nelle ampie sale di un museo, potete usufruire del percorso culturale artistico e museale articolato negli edifici del centro storico, organizzato da Genus bononiae oppure visitare la Mambo , il museo d’ arte moderna di Bologna .

L’estate con le sue miti temperature serali, permette inoltre ai numerosi ristoranti del centro storico di poter usufruire dei dehor all’ aperto e allora la grande tradizione enogastronomica bolognese  si mescola ai colori della città illuminata  . Per questa stagione , ma proseguirà fino al 30 di Novembre , è stata creata un iniziativa che vede anche fra i creatorie l’ ACCADEMIA DELLLA CUCINA ITALIANA chiamato Menù vera Bologna che permette di poter assaporare le specialità locali in numerosissime location e con menù adatti atutte le tasche .

Con questo post abbiamo solo cercato di presentare alcune delle numerose iniziative estive bolognesi di cui si può apprifittare durante la stagione estiva , sia che passiate per lavoro o che siate nel bel mezzo di una vacanza . Forse potreste trovare ispirazione e visitare angoli del nostro territorio che vi sorprenderanno durante questo periodo di “quiete”.