Why play golf in Emilia Romagna and expecially in Bologna?

First, because you can match the beautiful "green" path through the beautiful fairways of the region to cultural and gastronomic tours in the beautiful Bologna recommended by a highly professional, able to guide you to the fullest.

The 3 main areas:


"I am a" golfer "with all the problems that only golfers know.
Should I combine my job as director of hotel to my favorite pastime, I have to steal what little free time to run to practice otherwise...
I organize my holiday with my wife the Lady, not "golfer", seeking the most interesting places for you but I prefer to book where not too far I could finda golf club.
I'm a "golfer" I tell myself, I know as I would therefore be received in the Hotel when I go to play , I know that I would find a hotel where I can be successful, not only as a welcome guest, but from staff who know my needs.
Where to get your bags, clean needles where the caddy master didn't clean with care, where to park the van that I rented with friends, where you take a sauna or a massage after the fatigues of the day spent on the greens.
Where, primarily, who welcomes me does not consider that I am passionate about the sport, a pastime for nothings. "
      The manager.

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